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PROJECT IDEA: Midi Foot Controller

Going through my old work notebooks, I came across this sketch of a MIDI foot pedalboard that would allow a performer to trigger individual notes or pre-programmed “arpeggiator” patterns with his or her feet while playing another instrument, such as a guitar.

Photo on 2014-09-25 at 09.53

The sketch shows the button layout of the device, including…

* 13 note buttons, for one octave C to C

* two OCTAVE (+) and (–) buttons

* a SUSTAIN toggle to switch from momentary to “latching” notes

* an ARPEGGIATOR button to turn the auto-arpeggiator patterns on/off

* an ARPEGGIATOR SELECT button to toggle through the 4-8 patterns

* foot-pressable VOLUME up and down butons

* two TEMPO (+) and (–) buttons. (This could be a “tap tempo” instead)

There are also a few LED’s to show the state of the arpeggiator and sustain toggles. The back panel would include a female USB port for easy re-programming.

Photo on 2014-09-25 at 10.14

The “elevation” sketch on the right edge of the sketch shows how the rows of buttons will be tiered. Looking at this picture really makes me want to blow the dust off of this idea and get working on it!    – D. Morgan


TOOLS: Digital Music Lab

The Innovation Lab has a great deal of music editing and performance equipment that together comprise a “Digital Music Lab”.

Photo on 1-20-14 at 11.41 AM #2

The equipment includes not only a variety of hardware synthesizers and keyboard controllers, but some unique MIDI controllers such as a Roland hand-percussion controller and several wind-instrument controllers. We also have an Ableton Push performance pad, and a Roland V-Drum kit. As far as software, we have Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and an extensive library of sounds.

Students interested in creating music or in integrating music with other technology projects have a lot of tools to inspire them.