Day 1: 2/23/16

Day 1: February 23, 2016

Today was my first day interning at The Long Island Aquarium. I started off my morning exploring the aquarium with Rachel who is my Supervisor. As i walked around, i tried to learn all the names of the different tanks. I had been to the aquarium many times as a young child, but i had not been there in a while so i needed a little bit of a refresher. As i explored the aquarium, memories of my different trips to the aquarium danced in my head. Next, i was introduced to and teamed up with one of the aquarists. I assisted as we did what is called, “a round of feeds.” A round of feeds is where you go around to all the tanks and feed them. We fed the tanks a few different varieties of food. They either got freshwater mysids, saltwater mysids, cyclops, krill, sand eels, or silver sides. Each tank gets a different type of food as well as a different amount of it. The amount depends on the size of the fishes mouth in the tank. If the fish has a tiny mouth then it will get smaller food. Next, I helped and learned how to feed the penguins. The penguins get fed fish. While hand feeding the penguins fish we also had to record how many fish each penguin ate. It is very important to know if a penguins’ eating habits change because that is one of the main ways to tell if something is wrong with it. Today, I also set up my own little salt water tank. I added sand to the bottom of the tank, and added salt water. I also put a filter on the tank to keep it clean, and added a little heater to warm up the water since it was very cold. I haven’t added any fish to the tank yet but will probably do that tomorrow, hopefully! The reason I set up this tank is so that i can test the PH, nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia levels and see how they change over the 3 weeks that i am at the aquarium! It should be very interesting to see how the water quality changes once the fish are added to the tank.