Day 2: 2/24/16

Day 2: February 24, 2016

Today was day 2 of my internship. I started off the day going around the aquarium and cleaning all the windows. This is something that has to be done every morning. This is because it is important that the glass walls of the tanks are transparent so that people that come can actually view the fish and different exhibits in the aquariums. It is amazing how dirty the glass becomes. The next thing i did was help with the first round of feed. I am staring to get used to the feeding routine and being able to tell what food each fish can eat. I also helped out with the reptiles today. I had to get crickets to feed them, and i really don’t like crickets so this wasn’t so fun. I once had a very traumatic experience helping the science teacher from Springs School, my old school, feed his Chameleon. Chameleons eat crickets. The thing is, I not only had to feed the chameleon, I also had to feed the crickets which he had ordered online. They were creepy and stinky. After feeding the reptiles, and surviving the crickets, I had to clean out the tank and rinse it out so there wasn’t poop everywhere. I then had to refill the water container and spray the exhibit with water to make the environment in the tank more humid. Then it was time for another round of feeds with one of the aquarists since most of the fish eat more then once a day. Today, I was able to add a few fish to my small saltwater tank. I added 5 mollies to my tank. I then fed them, and tested the water again to see if anything had changed. I saw that the ammonia level had risen just a little bit but other then that everything was the same. I was expecting this since when fish go to the bathroom they excrete ammonia. I also learned a lot about octopi today. I learned that they typically live for about 2 years, and they are insanely smart! They can learn how to open jars, open water bottles, lift up lids, and go through mazes to get to their food. I think its amazing that they only live for 2 years and can still learn all of this.