Day 4: 2/26/16

After the morning window cleaning and round of feeds, I went out to the penguins to help feed them. There are 15 penguins. While the aquarist did the actual feeding, I again recorded the number of fish each penguin ate. The penguins appetite changes from meal to meal, but overall each penguin has its own eating habits. This could depend on weather or just how they are feeling in general. Next, I had to clean out the penguins indoor housing, definitely not my favorite job. The penguins live in little boxes where they can go if they get cold outside or just don’t want to be outside. The penguins the aquarium are actually from Africa and like warm weather, so in the winter sometimes they have to be brought inside because it is too cold for them. Anyway, I had to clean out these boxes. It was so gross. The smell made my eyes water. had to take out the mats and scrub the poop off of them and from the inside of the boxes. An interesting fact about penguins is that they poop about every 15 minutes.  After I did that I had to scrub the floor and get all of the poop and grossness off of that. When all of this was finally done it was already time for lunch. It actually took all morning to make sure the penguin area was clean. After lunch I went back out for another round of feeds. Lots of the fish at the aquarium need to be fed twice a day, so rounds of feeds are always happening. I then did another water change. I changed the tank of the cuttle fish. I think that cuttlefish are so interesting. One thing that I find really cool about cuttlefish is that they have 3 hearts. Another fun fact about cuttlefish is that they can see light that is invisible to humans.   took dirty water out of the tank and then I added clean water. I also did the water quality tests on my tank again. By doing this i saw that the water quality hadn’t really changed from the previous day. The aquarist told me that since the water quality has been holding steady, I must be doing a good job.