Day 5: 2/29/16

Today I worked with  ReefGen. ReefGen is a sustainable company and their farm is located at Atlantis.  The main objective of ReefGen is growing and selling  aquacultured coral, invertebrates, fish and sharks. ReefGen is a wholesale company that sells to retailers, e-tailers, and installation and service companies across the country.  Today I helped scrub the algae off of the coral. If there was a lot of algae on the pieces of coral then I had to cut the pieces off and glue them to new surface to grow. This is so that they look more appealing to the naked eye. I also helped stock an order for purchase. I had to get specific kinds and pieces of coral together.  I cleaned the coral  and bagged it in preparation of shipment. These pieces of coral will now be mailed out to the buyers.