Day 6: 3/1/16

I started my day by cleaning all the  windows that make up the walls of the aquariums.  As did this, i thought of all the different spectators that have visited the aquarium since my internship began.  There have been groups of mothers with their young children.  There have been what look like families spending the day together, and always there are groups of students of all ages.  I have visited the aquarium many times as a participant in different groups  before this internship.  Once I finished cleaning the windows, it was time to do the morning round of feeds. Today was my one week anniversary in this internship and I have to say I have gotten pretty used to these jobs. I can also say my least favorite tank to feed is the discus tank. Discus are gorgeous tropical fish that come in millions of different colors. I hate feeding the discus because the food that they eat is beef heart. I personally think that this is really gross because it smells and looks like cat poop. It also feels really sticky and mushy. To feed discus you have to break off tiny pieces of the beef heart, roll them into tiny balls and throw them into the tank. While doing this it is important not not to get the beef heart everywhere because it is so disgusting. After doing this I helped add bio balls into the biofilters of the shark tank. The job of the biofilter is to control the tank’s pollution by capturing and biologically degrading waste and harmful chemicals. I also changed the water in my fish tank. I took out between 25%-30% of the water in the tank, and replaced it with new water. I could only change a little bit of it because the water in the tank is warmer then the water coming into the tank. If you change too much of the water, the water temperature would drop enough which is likely to shock and kill the fish in the tank. When the water change was done, I waited about an hour before checking the water quality. When I did check the water quality, I observed that the quality of the water had not changed. The water in the tank followed the pattern of the nitrogen cycle. Below is a picture of the that cycle.