Day 7: 3/2/16

Today was a slower day. After the usual round of feed which I now do independently without the supervision of an aquarist, I went around cleaning the tank windows. Once that was completed, I helped clean out the fish department’s office. While going through the office, we found all kinds of papers and old chemicals. We got rid of a bunch of stuff. After lunch Mr. Drossel came to watch and take pictures me as I went around for the second round of feeds. Below I have posted some of the pictures he took.

unnamed-18This picture is of me feeding the seahorses. I am feeding              them mysis, which are small shrimp.

unnamed-9This is a picture of me feeding the discus fish. These are the fish I feed the disgusting and smelly beef heart.

unnamed-24Here is a picture of some baby clown fish. Remember the movie, “Finding Nemo”?

unnamed-14Here is a picture of me feeding the gulf stream tank. This tank contains gulf stream fish that were caught locally.

unnamed-17 A fish that is found in the gulf stream tank. I’m not sure of the species.