Day 9: 3/4/16

Today was a very crazy day! It started off pretty normal with cleaning windows and a round of feed. Also, there was intern from Hofstra University at the aquarium today. She was doing experiments on the octopus. Since octopus are such smart animals, she was testing their intelligence. She put food in different contraptions, one of which was a hamster ball, and timed them to see how long it took for them to get the food. It was so cool watching them figure out the problems to get to the food. While we were watching the octopus, we realized that the level of water in the sump that was connected to the behind the scenes cuttle fish tank had dropped. So, we filled the sump up a little bit and thought that it would even back out, but it didn’t. Since the sump is connected to the filtration of the tank, if we didn’t fix the sump all of the water in the tank would eventually drain out and the cuttlefish would die. Therefore, we tried to fix the sump but instead of doing that we shattered the entire tank. The water started draining out faster. We had to catch the 2 cuttlefish in the tank, and had to try and not scare them too much. Cuttlefish mainly ink when they get scared or feel threatened. There are two types of ink. The first type is just like a little squirt or ink  and the other is a release of ink and mucus. This second type is sometimes called the “death ink”, which basically means they get so startled or scared that they just die from this. Luckily we got the cuttlefish out and into another tank and they calmed down and did not die.