Day 13: 3/10/16

Today was a pretty average day at the aquarium. I began the day as I usually do with the windows and a round of feds. Because it was such a beautiful day our, I went grass shrimping on Peconic river, which runs alongside the aquarium. There were a ton of grass shrimp along the edge of the dock. We collected these to feed the cuttle fish because they eat live food. One of the cuttle fish tanks gets 35 grass shrimp 2 times a day, and there are 7 cuttle fish in this tank. The behind the scenes cuttle fish tank gets 10 grass shrimp 2 times a day. There are only 2 cuttle fish in this tank. If you remember from a previous blog, that is the tank that broke. Fortunately all the cuttle fish survived. After that, we prepared to feed the sharks. The sharks were going to eat herring today. Each of the 4 sharks was going to be fed 4 herring. In addition,  we had to prepare food for the smaller fish in the shark tank. They received sand eels, silversides, and shrimp. I was able to feed the shark feed alone today. In order to feed the sharks I had to put the herring on a wire that is connected to long pvc pipe. When a shark comes around you stick the pvc pipe in the water with the fish on it and bring it close to the sharks mouth. Once the shark bites the fish you have to push the pvc pipe down and into the water so that you don’t stab the shark with the wire and so that the shark doesn’t get the pole. It was definitely a highlight to be able to feed the sharks.