Day 14: 3/11/16

Today was my last day interning at the aquarium. I have learned so much over the past 14 days, and met some amazing people. I think I’m a bit surprised at just how sad I am that it is over. Today I checked the water quality in my tank for the last time. I put all of the water quality data into an excel sheet so that IĀ could save it and maybe make a graph out of it at some point. As you can see from the numbers in the excel, the water quality in my tank basically followed the nitrogen cycle. As the fish lived in the tank, the nitrates, nitrites and ammonia go up. Then when water is added the levels of those chemicals drop to a safer level. I am now confident that I can successfully handle my own fish tank. I want to thank RachaelĀ Vietheer and the rest of the aquarists for giving me such an amazing experience the past 14 days, and U give to visit the aquarium soon.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.25.34 PM